I have all I want and need


<3 Shabby

NEW@Shabby Cat! Shabby Cat Cropped Sweater w/Tank(LOVES)Comes in all the colors above and looks sexy too :)TP to Shabby Cat and get yours!Happy shopping ^^ TY Sophia!

Shabby Cat

You make it all worth it

NEW@ Shabby Cat!I loveee this cozy sweater and all of the pretty colors it comes in 😀

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Shabby Cat

NEW! ::VoluptuousDollz:: Victoria Dress

Been so busy but finally found time to blog this sexy dress!Go get your ladies!

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I’ll get that for you Sir xD

Maid uniform – **Dirty Princess** Daddy’s Chambermaid By  skyler lebed

Duster – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/French-Maid-Outfit-with-fishnet-lingerie-and-animated-duster/2828515 (Free on the marketplace with the maid outfit..but I just used the duster ^^)

Eyes – dl:: Demon Eyes(Many colors!) By selene edwyn

Face tattoo – dl:: Face Tattoo Heart (15 L’s)Come with 3 tattoos! By selene edwyn

Hair – Ploom

Knee – dl:: Knee bandaid with blood. By selene edwyn


NEW! ::VoluptuousDollz:: Snazzy Romper

It comes in every color shown and can be worn so many different ways!TYYYYY TP to ::VoluptuousDollz:: to get your favorite color!

NEW! ::VoluptuousDollz:: Mini Lace Crop

Lovingggg this sexy top!It comes in each color shown here ^^ TP there to get yours ladies!TY!